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Innocence Project Northwest provides legal and investigative services to Washington prisoners seeking to prove their innocence. Through education and advocacy, IPNW works to prevent future wrongful convictions and encourage support for exonerees as they rebuild their lives in freedom. Learn more and get involved.

Wrongful Convictions by the Numbers

News & Notes

Chicago Police Detective Reynaldo Guevara is accused of framing at least 51 people for murder. When a group of mothers, aunts and sisters found that no officials — not the state's attorney's office, not the mayor's office — wanted to take up their cause, the women went in search of justice themselves.

To Maurice Possley, a journalist who helps maintain a comprehensive registry of exonerations at the University of Michigan and has written for The Marshall Project, it's a big deal either way. "This is not defense attorneys or wrongly convicted defendants saying it,” he said. “A major player in the field of law enforcement has stated that this method leads to false confessions."

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