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Innocence Project Northwest provides legal and investigative services to Washington prisoners seeking to prove their innocence. Through education and advocacy, IPNW works to prevent future wrongful convictions and encourage support for exonerees as they rebuild their lives in freedom. Learn more and get involved.

Wrongful Convictions by the Numbers

News & Notes

The National Institute of Standards and Technology announced last week that it is launching a new study of certain types of DNA analysis used in criminal prosecutions. These methods, “if misapplied, could lead to innocent people being wrongly convicted,” according to the institute’s statement.

An innocent man was convicted and imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit because an expert witness testified that his hair "matched" hair found at the crime scene. DNA testing later proved that hair came from a dog - not a human. Watch the segment on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver to learn more about bad forensic science.

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