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Innocence Project Northwest (IPNW) provides free legal assistance to convicted prisoners whose actual innocence can be demonstrated through DNA testing or other newly discovered evidence.

Innocence Project Northwest is the only organization that provides free legal and investigative services to Washington prisoners seeking to prove their innocence and fights to improve the criminal justice system. We select cases based on a number of factors. To submit a case for consideration, a prisoner must first fill out an Application for Assistance and mail it to IPNW.

In order to be considered for assistance, prisoners must meet the following criteria: 

  • Be wrongly convicted of a state or federal felony crime in Washington State,
  • No longer have a right to appointed counsel,
  • Be unable to afford counsel,
  • Have completed their direct appeals process,
  • Have a claim of actual innocence that can be proven through DNA testing or other newly discovered evidence,
  • Have no involvement in the crime whatsoever. We do not take cases where the claim is an affirmative defense such as consensual sex, self-defense, or accidental death.

If you would like IPNW to mail a copy of the Application for Assistance to an inmate in the State of Washington, please click here to complete the request form. To be considered by IPNW for representation, the person seeking assistance must submit an Application for Assistance.  Please try to complete the application as fully as possible to expedite our review and evaluation process. If you require special assistance to complete the application, please call IPNW at (206) 616-8792. The completed application should be mailed directly to IPNW at:

  • Innocence Project Northwest
    PO Box 85110
    Seattle, WA 98145

Please submit applications by mail only. We are a small office and not equipped to handle applications or inquiries by email or over the phone. Please be aware that IPNW’s initial investigation can take up to 36 months to complete. 

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